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Thursday, 24 May 2018

The Desert Gypsy

Neither, did I ask her name
nor did she;
We were strangers to each other
nevertheless, she gave a lot to me;

A place to sit at her humble home,
grins, laughter and warmth of a motherly soul;

Walking towards her 
the sandstorm sounded 
like the flapping wings 
of an agile bird.

Sitting at the threshold of the hut,
A cup of chai for unwanted but welcomed guests was served 
Her wrinkles were deep,
the smile was sweet,
at peace with herself 
the aura gave comfort to me;

The eyes were calm like a silent sea
but deeper there was poverty;

A contented soul,
needy but a giver,
a woman after all 

was she.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


I dedicate a poem to Maheshwar which is my forever love.  


You always astound me with your beauty,
Skies like huge canvases, 
Sunsets painted in orange and pink,

fish in the water, friendly sellers
photographers and boatsmen.

Pleasing is the chants of the mantras, 
Soothing is the nights at the ghats,

You light up the lamp of the inner soul 
like the floating earthen lamps in the river 
removing the darkness of the fort. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Ahilya Fort Maheshwar

6 March 2018 
Ahilya Fort Maheshwar

While watching the Maheshwar pictures on my laptop, I stopped scrolling and paused at this one. The woman’s loving eyes and the warmth of the moment made me think about the crossroads of life. 
We meet people, make friends and sometimes just exchange glances, a smile or hold hands. Maheshwar has always been one of my favourite places as I love to sit at the Narmada ghats in the evenings, watch the setting sun, birds moving towards their nests, give food to the fish, listen to the chanting of the mantras praising the Holy Narmada river. 
While walking down the stairs, I saw a woman climbing down the stairs of the majestic Ahilya Fort unsteadily. I clasped her hand tightly to give confidence to her shaky legs and unconfident gait.
The picture is a witness of her eyes pouring motherly love towards me. 
Whenever I visit Maheshwar the next time, my searching eyes would look for her to share a cup of tea with her or we would give food to the fish together by sitting at the ghats of the river Narmada. 

PC - @abuzar Your sensitivity to feel the emotions has given me a moment to cherish forever.

Friday, 27 April 2018


The sweat of her body,
The worries in her brain,
Eva Joosten and Shaista Dhanda (PC- Sumiran Caprihan)
The tightness in her back,
The anxiety in her mane;

The light of her soul,
The warmth of her heart,
The fire in the belly,
The power in her stance;

She’s a fragile flower,
Softness is her charm,
Strengthening the dark room,
With the warmth of her heart.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018




Colourful book covers,
Lifesaving quotes 

The cupboard is a magic dose.

The books peep out emotional journeys,
The successes and the failures,
The complex characters and soulful poetry.

I breathe,
the smell of ink imprinted on the pages of the new;
The dust settled in between the pages of a few.

Cleaning the cupboard is like unfolding the pages of life,
The images of reading a book flash in my mind.

While travelling or embracing the silence of the nights 
I have read many in my life.

Sitting in the high school library,
Gazing at the books as a child,

Touching the pages of flap books
The bright colours and soft fingers 
Run in my mind.

I read and borrow them 
to the old and the young,

The list never ends of buying a few;

Books are like moving images 
And the eyes are a camera for the few.

On the Move

April 12, 2018

Somewhere near Jhansi (on the train)

On the Move
The speed of the train 
The noise of the fan
The light coming between the gaps in the door
Do not let me sleep.

I close my eyes
The myriad happy memories glide into my thoughts 
The roads, landscapes, people passing by,
The deep conversations, the soul connections cross by,

The dive into the river, moments of just gazing at the mountain, 
having a cup of warm cappuccino on a rainy day,
the people at the desert, a cup of chai at their little hut,
the warmth of the touch, the music at the beach, 
the sunburn, the eclectic music at the cafe, 
the barefoot walk at the ghats, the silent moments of listening to the river waves, 

the pitter- patter of the rain, the shapes of the moon, glimmering stars and the white clouds of the sky, 
The sunsets and the few sunrises I have watched by,
I travel to seek the infinite surprises the life has to shower in my life. 

P.S- I took this picture on 1.3.2018 from (rooftop cafe) Laura’s Cafe, Pushkar, Rajasthan.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018


26 November 2017
Kanatal, Uttarakhand 
Memories remain fresh in the brain but a picture reminds us of the moment and captures the beauty. The magnanimous mountains cover themselves daily with a huge white blanket. Slowly, as the sun rises, the valley becomes clear as the warmth of the sun kisses the human beings, animals, plants and trees who become bright and active to begin their day. 
I am not a morning person as I don’t like to wake up to the morning chaos of school vans, vegetable hawkers passing by in the cities. I love the silence of the breezy and dark nights when the moon shines brightly upon us. 
Living Kanatal is one of the camps in Kodia forest where I stayed for a night in the month of November 2017. It’s an untouched beauty, a haven of peace and the forest breeze.
The morning view of the sunrise is spectacular and a life-changing moment as one realises the power of the Sun when it gulps down the darkness and brings out a new day of brightness and light. 
One must witness the experience of the rising Sun from this spot to make a memory forever.

Picture Courtesy- Sumiran Caprihan 

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Inspirational Teenagers

I met these boys in February just a few days before the second open mic I had organised in Khandwa. Nitin’s (dancer) uncle is an employee at the hotel grand barrack who is extremely supportive and proud of these boys.

I still remember clearly the night of the first open mic (13.1.2018) in Khandwa. 

Sumiran and I had decided to organise the event for the city. Our main motive was to give an audience to the performers. 

The evening was planned for the poets, storytellers, musicians and singers. Even I got a stage to share my thoughts, emotions and poetry.

During the first open mic, Mithun, our employee kept on insisting me to call the boys for the dance performance. It wasn’t an event for the dancers and I hadn’t seen the boys dance too. At that point, I promised him to see the dance performance soon. 

In February, just a few days before the open mic, few boys from the GN Dance Crew came at 5 in the evening and surprised my primary students and me with their passion towards dance, precise moves and foot tapping music and especially their stylish hairdos. 

17th February 2018 will remain a memorable evening for the performers and the audience too. These boys performed thrice and the audience was enchanted by their moves and the story of their life. The boys have auditioned in Mumbai for dance reality shows and run a dance academy in Khandwa. They save money to beautify the dance class, train journey from Khandwa - Mumbai - Khandwa and everything else. 

I am proud of these teenagers who are independent, passionate about their dreams and set an example for the teenagers. Their dream is to make Khandwa proud and they are working towards it with rigorous practice on a daily basis at their dance studio. 

These young artists are mentors at one of the summer camps held in Khandwa too. I am grateful to the kidtastic 2018 management team for giving them a chance to prove themselves and proud of these boys. 

Sometimes, we don’t know what we want. Open your eyes, look within and the universe will show you the light. 

The glorious sky

6:25 PM
I was busy teaching the kids in the Open area at the camp and suddenly a kid looked above the sky and exclaimed with joy, “Wow! Ma’am, the clouds are playing hide and seek.”
All of us were amazed experiencing the glorious and ever-changing colours of the sky. The six to nine-year-olds followed me in a queue to a silent area where we just gazed at the clouds, sky, birds and the blue-orange-pink-grey colours. 
I told them a sorry of a cloud family which my maternal grandmother used to tell my sister and I every night before going to bed. 
The memories of my childhood, the grand sky, the white clouds, the melange of colours, the happy smiles and surprised faces made the evening special and a beautiful closing to the three days workshop with these innocent and beautiful souls. 
P.S - Listen to the happy and inquisitive voices of the kids.

Thursday, 1 March 2018


28 February 2018
Dayalbagh Agra

A glassful of tea at just one rupee,
served with loving hands and humility;

While sitting on a cemented bench quietly,
I listen to the distant voices in the canteen;

The sun is about to set to shine again tomorrow, 
It’s time to leave to a new place tomorrow;

The canteen is closed to open tomorrow, 

The pure dust enters my shoes as I move forward.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018


26 November 2017

Separated by distance but in each other’s hearts,

a sister is a shadow of yours;

Surrender yourself in her arms,

she is the best judge as she has seen all four seasons of the past.

The touch which is soothing as a balm;

the screams that are loud as if sitting

in a roller coaster that goes round and round;

A sister is strong when you are weak,

she wipes your tears when no one speaks.

PC - Avnish
Kodia Forest Kanatal,Uttarakhand



Taj Mahotsav, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

This is Archana Jha, 32, a Madhubani Painting artist. She is painting since childhood. Her art exhibition at Taj Mahotsav Agra is a delight. She hails from Jitwarpur, Madhubani District, Bihar. This is her first commercial exhibition. I wish her all the luck and happiness in the world. Contact for online shopping for her paintings. You can directly call Archana too at 6200972437 for orders. 
Let’s celebrate womanhood and support each other to grow together.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Tree of Life

The curvy tree of life
 asks to take everything in your stride. 

The wind of ordeals would hit,
fight till the end arrives.

The trunk and naked branches 
devoid of flowers and leaves;

The brownish, rough and sturdy bark 
asks to stay strong at every hit of the hammer
till the last.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

December afternoon


This picture was taken today by my friend Mehr at a local nursery. The hues of the flowers, the shape of the leaves, the green of the grass and the soft touch of the petals made me grin from ear to ear. I laughed at the joys of the natural beauty and wondered at the mesmerising beauty of this little wonderland at the corner of the city.
Nature has always been an inspiration to me ever since. It teaches me to be bright and colourful even the darkness of the night of life.

Friday, 22 December 2017



हम देखते ही रह गए इस अजूबे को

बाहरी रूप से सुंदर प्रतीत हो रहा 

पर अंदर ही अंदर मर रहा है यह पेड़।

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